Scheduled Tours 2018

View itineraries by clicking on the tour names, where available. For more information and details about the tour, contact the tour leader by clicking on their name or write to us at

Jan 7-16, 2018Life & World of JesusRev. David CharneyUSA
Jan 22-Feb 2, 2018Shoresh Study TourTodd & Beth HooglandUSA
Feb 20-Mar 2, 2018The Life & World of JesusLeiton & Lisa ChinnUSA
Mar 5-15, 2018Watchman Behold and Bless Israel TourCarlos Sarmiento and Matthew SmolerUSA
Mar 10-20, 2018The Life & World of JesusPatricia CruzPhilippines
Mar 23-26, 2018The Life & World of JesusCrossroads (Private)Assorted
Apr 9-19, 2018The Roots of Faith HarvestNet InstituteUSA
Apr 20-30, 2018The Life & World of JesusCraig & Holly TanksleyCAN
Apr 29-May 15, 2018Israel TourRev. John Atkinson (CMJ South Africa)SA
May 1-12, 2018God's FaithfulnessHarbour ChurchUSA
May 24-Jun 5, 2018Israel MIssion TripRich & Judy HastingsUSA
Jun 1-12, 2018Life & World of JesusRev. Can. Paul JagoeUSA
Jun 8-17, 2018GAFCON FAM TourBishop Neil & Marcia LebharUSA
Jun 11-17, 2018Pre-GAFCON Life & World of JesusAssorted
Jun 12-17, 2018Pre-GAFCON Ancient Roots of the Christian FaithAssorted
Jun 14-25, 2018Life & World of JesusMark EllisUSA
Jun 23-30, 2018Post-GAFCON Life & World of JesusAssorted
Jun 23-39, 2018Post-GAFCON Ancient Roots of the Christian FaithAssorted
Jun 26-Jul 6, 2018The Life & World of JesusKatie Black (ESJ)USA
Jul 7-12, 2018The Life & World of Jesus plus ANZACsBarry Rogers (Private)AUS
Jul 27-Aug 7, 2018Shoresh Study Tour Ian StobartUK
Sep 19-28, 2018God's FaithfulnessCove ChurchUSA
Oct 3-14, 2018God's Faithfulness Andrew HackettUK
Oct 9-19, 2018The Life & World of JesusChris GreccoUSA
Oct 12-23, 2018Worship & Watchman First Fruits MissionGrant & Hali BerryUSA
Oct 20-27, 2018The Life & World of JesusUrsula JohnstonUK
Oct 21-31, 2018The Life & World of JesusPriscilla GreerMexico
Oct 28-Nov 7, 2018The Life & World of JesusRick BelserUSA
Nov 1-12, 2018God's FaithfulnessBob CoonUSA
Nov 6-17, 2018Study TourJay AbramsonUSA
Nov 13-24, 2018God's FaithfulnessSt. James ChurchSingapore
Dec 26, 2018-Jan 3Truro ChurchUSA

Additional tours are being finalized at this time.